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About Us

There is no such thing as a poker face in online poker and this is a shame for the poker face is the single best thing in poker. This website accomodates both a case study of poker faces and an indepth discourse on the theory of what makes a good poker face. Archetype poker faces, individual faces and everything in between is covered. Bear in mind that this website is meant to be entertaining so don't take everything written here seriously. The only things that we are truly serious about on this website are the poker room reviews and the associated bonus offers. They are deadly serious and spot on accurate. No bullshit there.

We, the jaded poker players behind this poker face project, are two fellows that wish online poker had more of a poker face to it. It is sterile and boring as it is now. We vouch for online poker with avatars that elicit emotional responses from one another. You would have to train your avatar to make him or her behave professionally. Imagine that, special tables set aside for those who wish their avatars to take part in the psychological warfare. That would be freaking awesome. Hopefully this website can inspire to the development and implementation of such a feature in a worthwhile poker room.